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"Hunger is not an issue of charity. It is an issue of justice." 
- Jacques Diouf, Food & Agricultural Organization

Who We Are

The Fiorenza’s Food for Friends is a 501(c)3 non profit organization founded in Chester County, Pa. by Derek Fiorenza.

  1. We collect non-perishable food and ensure that it is delivered locally.
  2. We do not charge a transportation cost to the entity that is receiving the food (food bank/pantry).
  3. Our mission is to create hunger awareness and provide sustenance to those in need. We are striving for more community involvement, and working to help those that are suffering receive the proper job training that they need.
  4. We exist to aid food banks and homeless shelters, not supplant them. We create awareness, and collect food that we donate to food banks and homeless shelters.

Our Primary Goals

  1. To create hunger awareness (Education).
  2. Inspire others to get involved (Engagement).
  3. Provide an avenue to assist (Eradication of Hunger).

F4 + E3 = HOPE

Core Principal

“Leadership with Humility!”

Our Game Plan

We will service the homeless shelters and food pantries across the country by soliciting meals and food donations for them.  That is how F4 can grow as a team because the whole country can get behind building up their own communities one at a time with F4 as the symbol for all.  We will also get involved in the community through leadership outreach programs to inspire the youth of America to believe in themselves, and their dreams.  We want to be a symbol of integrity and hope for ALL people.  We will also actively aid and assist other non-profit organizations through networking and fundraising assistance.  We will organize benefit rock and roll concerts in major cities across the US to raise money for a charity of the band and the cities choosing.

Our Funds

We will raise our main resources through food donations from restaurants, universities, and schools.  We will rely on the donations of individuals, team fundraisers in the form of selling tickets to professional sports contests, charity golf tournaments, benefit dinners, 5Ks, and  rock concerts.  Funds are used by F4 to account for not charging transportation costs for the food that is distributed to the agencies in need, and also to support the overal leadership and direction of the organization.

Our Mottos

  1. “The biggest differences are made through the smallest actions!”
  2. “Service, Integrity, and Hope… Because WE CARE!”
  3. “Creating Awareness, Inspiring Others, Taking Action!”


Our Strategy: TOGETHER!!

Our Bond: POWERFUL!!!

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