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F4 is a non-profit organization that is taking unprecedented steps to eradicate hunger in America! We are creating “Hunger Awareness” with a strategic and innovative food recovery and production process.

What is “Hunger Awareness”?

  • It’s a way for us to EDUCATE others about food insecurity and hunger needs in their local community and America.
  • It’s a way for us to ENGAGE volunteers to support the vision of “Creating a world without hunger.”
  • It’s a way for us to ERADICATE hunger by working with others to execute our process.

What are the food recovery processes?

Perishable Food Rescue Process

  • We connect restaurants, universities, caterers, hospitals, and other sources with excess food to homeless shelters, and individuals in need so that they can re-purpose this food for distribution.

Non-Perishable Food Drive Process

  • We connect with companies, churches, organizations, and any other types of groups to collaborate and host a non-perishable food drive for local food banks/pantries/cupboards that feed the hungry.

What makes F4 different?

  • We don’t purchase or transport any food.
  • We keep all collected food local.
  • We do not charge any fees to donors or recipients.
  • We do NOT accept local, state, or federal funding.

What has F4 accomplished?

  • We provided almost 1 million pounds of FREE food to organizations that feed the hungry.
  • We provided access to food across 18 states.
  • We coordinated a student run food rescue program at Villanova University.
  • We provided and served hot meals to over 1000 people at shelters during the holidays for the past 5 years.