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F4 started the annual “Feeding Friendzy” in December of 2007 because of the generosity of Marc Boornazian and Sean Danaker from Mizuna’s Catering. We have continued to organize this event each year during the holidays as many of our recipient shelters have become dependent on these donations. Each year, F4 solicits donations of prepared meals from restaurants. The meals are picked up by F4 volunteers and distributed to and served at various shelters. Thanks to the generosity of many, we provide 2000 to 3000 meals each year. This event is an annual opportunity that allows volunteers to meet face to face with the individuals that we are supporting throughout the year. It is a great opportunity for team building and community engagement. This is a heart-warming, yet eye-opening experience that none of our volunteers forget.

Feeding Friendzy1
Serving Meals in Philadelphia during F4’s Feeding Friendzy – (left to right: Mrs. Janee Washington, Dr. Angelo Armenti, a stand in volunteer, Bernie Coley, and Derek Fiorenza)

Contact F4 if you would like to participate in any capacity for the annual “Feeding Friendzy”.