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There is a tremendous amount of food waste in the US and Globally.  It is a hallmark of F4’s campaign to be judicious and strategic with our resources maximizing our ability to serve additional individuals in need.

F4’s Facilitation Service

F4 serves as an unpaid broker connecting the source of excess food to non-profit recipient agencies in need (homeless shelters/feeding centers).  We work with a variety of entities that are interested in participating in food re-purposing on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or sporadic basis.

F4’s Food Rescue Certification

F4 humbly recognizes strategic partners from the category listed above for their efforts to invest their resources into re-purposing their excess food to benefit non-profit food agencies in need.

Why Donate?

3 billion tons of consumable food is wasted each year globally

Approximately 800 million people suffer from hunger around the world

48 million Americans live in food-insecure households

The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act (1996) protects good faith donors from liability. This has never been challenged in court.

It demonstrates a commitment to the community by assisting local shelters and other agencies

Businesses can earn a 10-15% tax deduction for donations

Donations reduce the amount of trash produced and reduce costs associated with trash removal

Be recognized as a strategic partner for investing into food rescue

Who Should Donate?





Community Events




How to Donate?

Partner with Fiorenza’s Food For Friends (F4) to establish an ongoing food rescue program

Identify excess perishable, nonperishable, and prepared foods for donation (Soup, Rice, Milk, Buffet items, Pizza, Fruit)

Follow food safety guidelines

Contact F4 if you would like to donate food to recipients in need.