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F4 develops partnerships with corporations looking to give back and to establish a presence within their local community. We do this by designing, installing, and leading non-perishable food drive opportunities that benefit local non-profit recipient agencies in need (food bank/food pantry/food cupboard/homeless shelters). By keeping food local, corporations are able to address the needs of their local communities.

Types of Food Drives

Traditional Food Drives

 F4 partners corporations with local non-profit agencies in need of food. We help to make food drives successful through direct engagement and by providing a robust non-perishable food drive kit. Employees of a corporation hosting a food drive will donate non-perishable food items that they purchase or have at home.

“Virtual Food Drives”

 F4 partners corporations with local non-profit agencies in need of food. Employees of the corporation donate money for the non-profit agency to purchase non-perishable food in bulk and at a discount. The employer may also elect to donate by matching all or a portion of the participant donations. Buying food in bulk and at a discount allows each donated dollar to go further than individual retail purchases. The donations also enable an agency to purchase based on specific needs.

  • Virtual Food Drive Example – If a jar of peanut butter cost $3 at the store, a pantry can purchase the same peanut butter in bulk and at a discount possibly acquiring 2 jars of peanut butter for the same $3. If the employer matches the $3 donation making a total corporate donation of $6, then the pantry can purchase a total of 4 jars of peanut butter instead of just 1 jar the employee would have purchased on their own.

Contact F4 if you would like to have a food drive for a local pantry that feeds the hungry.